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Agora’s services will be delivered through a flexible, scalable, and secure platform that will empower Asset Managers and Advisors to achieve more by providing them with the tools and services they need to have effective and efficient engagements, maximize their potential, and accelerate their business growth.

Volcano Hiker


Agora’s search experience will allow financial advisors to easily and quickly find specific ESG investment products, research articles and reports, educational content, and asset managers and fellow financial advisors on the Agora platform. The search experience will provide important capabilities powered by AI and machine learning (ML) to enhance the experience of our users via indexing, autocomplete and typo-tolerance, personalization of the results page based on past user behavior, ranking of the results, dynamic filtering, and natural language processing (NLP) to improve results accuracy.


Financial advisors will have the ability to easily request a customized service from an asset manager that financial advisors can select from Agora’s extensive community of experienced asset managers. Financial advisors will be able to select from a predefined set of services that they can add to the request along with additional information including supporting documents that can be attached to the request. For each selected service, financial advisors will be able to choose among sustainability goals and ESG topics their clients are interested in and targeting in their investment plan. Financial advisors will be able to track progress on their submitted requests in their profile page with the option to subscribe to receive notifications.


Agora will provide state-of-the-art social capabilities aimed to build a thriving community of asset managers and financial advisors. Agora’s users will be able to communicate and engage with one another in efficient ways that they can customize to their preferences at any time. Each side will be able to determine what and how to share and with whom. They will be able to schedule meetings, send messages through a chat feature, read and contribute ideas to forum discussions, create (and co-create) and share articles regarding investment topics, add users to their network, interact with gamification features such as rating and awards that can be exposed via the user’s profile page, and send notifications on searches and due diligence progress updates.

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