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Foggy Forest

Mock-ups and Prototype

Agora is hard at work creating high-fidelity mockups and prototypes to showcase our value proposition and core features. At Agora, we are customer-obsessed, and through the use of mockups and prototypes we aim to continuously engage with Asset Managers and Financial Advisors to validate their unmet needs and collect feedback we can incorporate into the development of our first functional MVP.


The video showcases the high-fidelity mockups and prototype we have created that illustrate Agora’s value proposition and demonstrate use cases for how Asset Managers and Advisors will interact with core services and experiences for search, source, and engage.

Research and Education

The Research and Education feature enables Advisors to explore ESG investment products based on sustainability goal(s) or ESG criteria selected. 



The search experience will allow Advisors to easily and quickly find specific ESG investment products, research articles and reports, educational content, and asset managers and fellow Advisors on the platform.


Advisors will have the ability to easily request a customized service from an asset manager that Advisors can select from Agora’s extensive community of experienced asset managers. They will be able to select from a predefined set of services that they can add to the request along with additional information including supporting documents that can be attached to the request.



Agora will provide state-of-the-art social capabilities aimed to build a thriving community of Asset Managers and Advisors. Agora’s users will be able to communicate and engage with one another in efficient ways that they can customize to their preferences at any time. Each side will be able to determine what and how to share and with whom. They will be able to schedule meetings, send messages through a chat feature, read and contribute ideas to forum discussions, and so on.

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