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The One-Stop Platform for ESG and Sustainable Investments in the US

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Why Agora?

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The industry is highly inefficient, technical, crowded, and heavily regulated due to compliance. Despite the high regulatory environment, there is a general lack of standardization for delivery and control of financially related content (investments & research) between Asset Managers to Advisors. These inefficiencies are even higher for ESG investment due to a lack of definition about what an ESG investment is across the industry. Both Asset Managers and Advisors witness these challenges through 1Bn inefficient interactions per year. In their own words, this situation leads to “loss of opportunities” and “increased costs” (sales, marketing, tech, data, etc) for both sides. 

Our company vision is “to transform the financial services industry by creating digital solutions to enhance relationships, ease connectivity and improve outcomes across all members of the community”. In simple terms, Agora will be a two-sided platform with a subscription-based revenue model. We define the two-sided platform as a social marketplace with a clear unique selling proposition: Search. Source. Engage.

No platform offers the main distinctive features of Agora, it is unique in its kind: the largest aggregated database for ESG investments and the ability to drive real-time, meaningful engagements between supply and demand. 

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